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New OneBusAway App… not just when, but how.

In the new age of digital everything, apps are being created to help make decisions on where to eat, drive, shop, even to help us meet a future spouse. Using technology isn’t for everyone, but when HART launched their OneBusAway app in 2013, it was a huge hit. The app allows transit users to have…


Where’s the bus? There’s an app for that

Two years ago HART launched the revolutionary OneBusAway app that delivers real-time bus arrival information directly to a customer’s smart phone, computer, or other Wi-Fi enabled device. The system is accessed more than 200,000 times every month. Now the system has upgraded to include a touchtone feature allowing riders to get real-time information from a regular phone. The new…


“OneBusAway” surges in popularity

Since HART launched its groundbreaking OneBusAway Tampa app just 15 months ago, riders are using the app in record numbers. And they are showing overwhelming support for the convenient scheduling app, which puts real-time bus arrival information right in the palm of the user’s hand. HART first rolled out the app in August 2013 for Web-enabled devices such as…


OneBusAway adds real time text messages!

After seeing the widespread use and success of its OneBusAway app, HART will introduce another powerful GPS-based customer service innovation on Monday, September 8. The new SMS text messaging feature is free, user friendly, and empowers HART customers by putting bus arrival times at their fingertips. Join HART staff in a hands-on demonstrations of how…

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