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Tampa, SWFWMD Change Rogers’ Golf Course Runoff

by Kevin Wiatrowski, Tribune staff, Published: May 20, 2013 TAMPA – City and state officials have taken the first steps toward a renovation of Rogers Park Golf Club that would reduce pollution washing into the Hillsborough River. The Tampa City Council agreed to put $100,000 toward changing the course’s drainage layout. The Southwest Florida Water…


Legislature expected to revisit fertilizer rules

In preparation for another battle over fertilizer ordinances, the Florida Association of Counties has voted to make protecting fertilizer restrictions one of its top three issues going into the 2013 legislative session. “We’ve been told it’s imminent,” Sarasota County commissioner Nora Patterson, said of the potential legislation to limit local control of fertilizer use, according…


EPA approves Florida’s rules to protect waterways from nutrient pollution

The EPA has approved the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) rules to protect Florida’s waterways from excess nitrogen and phosphorus. These pollutants, called nutrients, cause algal blooms, contaminate drinking water supplies and are among the largest contributors to water quality problems in Florida. These rules establish numeric limits on the amount of nutrient pollution…

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