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Where’s the bus? There’s an app for that

Two years ago HART launched the revolutionary OneBusAway app that delivers real-time bus arrival information directly to a customer’s smart phone, computer, or other Wi-Fi enabled device. The system is accessed more than 200,000 times every month. Now the system has upgraded to include a touchtone feature allowing riders to get real-time information from a regular phone. The new…


A new product in ride sharing

Ridesharing was supposed to be different. As described in an article in the journal Transport Reviews, the movement started as a way to conserve resources in the U.S. during World War II. It evolved over the decades into a green movement to get cars off the streets. Lately the term has been used to refer…


HART app answers question: Where’s my bus?

HART recently launched a much-anticipated free app called OneBusAway Tampa. The app delivers up-to-the-minute details to transit riders, using GPS technology to tell them exactly where their bus is and if it is running on time. Sheryl Laxson, who has used HART for many years as her main source of transportation, volunteered to help test…

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