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Hillsborough Rides – March 2017 : Regional Transit Feasibility Plan

The three most populated counties in the seven-county Tampa Bay area are Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. County lines are blurred when you are traveling. That’s why transportation planning must take a more regional approach. This plan will build on decades of planning and bridge the gap between the vision for transit throughout the region….


Hillsborough Rides – September 2016

FHWA released a new Performance-Based Planning and Programming through Scenario Planning Guidebook… and the Imagine 2040 was one of three case studies highlighting best practices from around the country. Imagine2040 was recognized for a land-use vision linked to transportation; offering a number of investment packages; and asking the public to weigh in “using performance metrics…


Hillsborough Rides – June 2015 : MPO recognized as community champion

Did you know the cost of medical care for chronic disease from obesity is estimated at $34 billion over the next 17 years in Florida? County and municipal governments play an important role in decreasing the prevalence of unhealthy weight in their jurisdictions. A variety of policies implemented by local governments have shown an increase…

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