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Coast bike share update

The concept of bike share has evolved since first introduced in 1960 when shared bikes were free, with no payment, and no protection. Now there’s Coast, the 4th generation bike share system. Using multiple technologies, it has made bike sharing easy, convenient and fun. With GPS, integrated locks, adjustable heights, no greasy chains, adjustable gears,…


HART app answers question: Where’s my bus?

HART recently launched a much-anticipated free app called OneBusAway Tampa. The app delivers up-to-the-minute details to transit riders, using GPS technology to tell them exactly where their bus is and if it is running on time. Sheryl Laxson, who has used HART for many years as her main source of transportation, volunteered to help test…


First Ride on MetroRapid

by Brandon Henry, USF student / planning intern MetroRapid, Hillsborough County’s first foray into a Bus Rapid Transit service, had its official public debut May 28. From a passenger’s viewpoint, MetroRapid has a lot of promise for your average commuter. From 15-minute frequency to quick service, it covers a 17.5 mile route in about an…

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