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Dealing with hurricane season’s not a breeze

In Hillsborough County, residents with special needs, the elderly, and those without transportation may require extra attention in order to stay safe during a tropical storm or hurricane. Hillsborough County has programs in place to help these residents prepare and find safe shelter. Shelters. A special needs shelter is a temporary emergency facility capable of…


Gandy Boulevard update

If you haven’t traveled to St. Petersburg via Gandy Boulevard in Pinellas County lately, you may not recognize where you are. Trees have been cleared, utilities relocated and mounds of dirt are transforming into an elevated roadway from east of 4th Street to I-275. $120 million has been dedicated for the grade-separated intersection at Roosevelt…


Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Hurricanes develop in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. While the east coast of Florida is at greater risk and normally acts as a barrier for our region, a hurricane scenario that travels through the Caribbean and strikes Tampa Bay from the west could have devastating…

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