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Building transportation resiliency

Tampa Bay has always been vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes. A Category 3 storm with winds of 111 to 129 mph could send water up to 21 feet deep surging inland. Even our monsoon-like summer rainstorms regularly floods low-lying roads. Adding to these hazards in the coming decades is sea level rise, which could…


Queens development hangs tough in hurricane

The new urban Arverne-by-the-Sea, one of the largest current residential developments in New York City, surprised many residents by its resilience to Hurricane Sandy. Arverne, located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens at a subway stop, is mostly complete and will eventually be home to 2,300 households. The last major section, a two-block-long mixed-use main…


Temple Terrace CP : Public Facilities Element

This element of the Comprehensive Plan describes the existing facilities, adopted levels of services and projected needs for potable water, wastewater, solid waste disposal and stormwater. Temple Terrace Public Facilities Element

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