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Speed Management Action Plan wins statewide award

February 2021 – With speed being a major contributor to crash severity, last summer the MPO wrapped up a deep-dive study of speeds on the top 20 Vision Zero road segments. The study found that 14 of those high-injury roads had speed limits well above national guidelines!  The Institute of Transportation Engineers, Florida/ Puerto Rico…


Tell us your story at the Planning for Equity Storytelling Forum

February 2021 – Do you struggle to access affordable housing, a quality job where you’re paid a living wage, or transportation to get from place to place? Are you a member of a federally-protected demographic group; for example, are you a person of color, low-income, LGBTQ, or have a disability? Come to the virtual Planning…


Environmental & Sustainability section update kicks off with public engagement

February 2021 – The Environmental and Sustainability Section, a component of the overall Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update, is moving forward as part of the January cycle of plan amendments. The Environmental and Sustainability Section serves to update the Conservation and Aquifer Recharge Element of the Comprehensive Plan. The Section will continue to provide…


Garden Steps increases access to fresh produce in East Tampa

February 2021 – In December, the Coalition of Community Gardens (COCG) and Garden Steps opened the Healthy 22nd Street Initiative to help residents of East Tampa gain easier access to healthy foods through gardening. Karen Elizabeth, a COCG Gardens Coordinator, demonstrated how to construct half-barrel container gardens that can be placed on apartment patios and…


MPO Board disappointed by delay in two major projects

February 2021 – Every winter the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) updates its work program of transportation projects to be funded, responding to priority lists adopted by MPOs the previous summer. On February 10, the Hillsborough MPO expressed its disappointment at the delay of the I-275 interchange reconstruction in West Shore and the new US…


New Year brings new River Board members and officers

February 2021 – At the January 25 River Board Meeting, we welcomed new Temple Terrace representative Councilmember Meredith Abel. Ms. Abel was elected to the Temple Terrace City Council November 3, 2020 for a four-year term. She taught high school level science and language arts for 11 years, currently teaches karate and self-defense to local…

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