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FDOT funds projects countywide

When FDOT’s draft Tentative Work Program came out, listed among the District’s most important transportation projects was funding for many of the MPO’s highest priorities. The funded projects span the entire county with projects in Tampa, Temple Terrace, Plant City, and unincorporated Hillsborough. They also fell nicely into the categories the MPO developed in anticipation…


New concepts for complicated intersections

An innovative approach to improving safety at intersections while also improving traffic flow is called a “Peanutabout.” The name may sound a bit confusing, but the concept is simple. Take a typical roundabout, already known for its benefits to traffic safety, and reshape to fit where right of way is tight… plus add a cycle…


The science of traffic jams

Have you ever wondered why, when traveling on interstates and highways, there seems to be sudden slowdowns and stops for no apparent reason? There is a science behind our driving habits that affects these back ups. Watch this short video and be part of the solution.

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