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MPO planning recognized for improving community health

Did you know the cost of medical care for chronic disease from obesity is estimated at $34 billion over the next 17 years in Florida? County and municipal governments play an important role in decreasing the prevalence of unhealthy weight in their jurisdictions. A variety of policies implemented by local governments have shown an increase…


131st Ave and 46th St to be complete streets

Hillsborough County’s Public Works Department recently launched a “Complete Streets” project for 131st Avenue and 46th Street / Skipper Road in the vicinity of the University of South Florida. The purpose is to address the safety and comfort all users of the roadway network. As part of this, the County asked the MPO to fund…


‘Completing’ Plant City’s Collins Street

Back in 2000, the Florida Department of Transportation agreed to divert traffic around Plant City’s historic district by relocating the State Road 39/ I-4 interchange to Alexander Street and creating a new bypass for SR 39 north of I-4. The bypass project is now being built and scheduled for completion in 2014. Once completed, FDOT…

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