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Getting “TUFF” on Safety

As part of the MPO’s quest to find new and innovative approaches to increasing the safety of our bicyclists and pedestrians, we continue to look at new technologies and methods being used throughout the nation and the world to improve conditions and create a safer environment for everyone. For example New York City is experimenting…


Fowler Avenue gets better bike lanes

As one of the most dangerous places to bicycle in the United States, we have some good new for bicyclists in north Tampa near University of South Florida. Fowler Avenue may not seem like a first choice for biking but some recent changes may make it far less challenging. With a repaving project as a…


The City of Tampa is on the move

If you thought planning documents made great book ends, you haven’t been following the City of Tampa’s Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services. New bike lanes, sharrows, sidewalks, and complete street projects seem to be popping up all across town as they implement the City’s Walk-Bike Plans. Planners are already kicking off Phase 5 of…

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