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2019 STWG succession plan

July 17, 2018 Resource Document: Guide for Alternative Transportation Options

MPO School Safety Study documents:

Final_School Safety Study_Signed_092018

Hillsborough MPO School Safety Study Methodology V2-Dec 2017

PRESENTATION – MPO School Safety Study Top Ten Report

School Admin Letter December 19

School Safety Study Scope

MPO School Safety Study Screening Data- TOP TEN

School Safety Data Summary

  • Schools in Priority Order by Safety: The first tab (“Schools_w_Data”) contains the actual data including total and school-related crash numbers (most of the schools have either 0 or 1 school-related crash), the numbers in the other tabs that end in “Rankings” are the ranking by school type, elementary schools with a 1-mile school area ranking of 26 have 0 school-related crashes. For the elementary schools in the 2-mile school areas (between 2012—2016) there was a total of 3,691 ped and bike crashes, of which 51 were classified as school-related crashes.


Hillsborough County is the 8th largest school district in the nation, the county’s largest employer with more than 26,000 employees, and each day transports almost 90,000 students to and from school. Close collaboration between schools and transportation is important in Hillsborough County. In 2015, the Hillsborough MPO added a Hillsborough County School Board member as a voting member of the MPO, to enhance the lines of communication.

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Coordination is needed on many levels in addition to the boards. Interagency partnerships are vital for problem-solving on a host of topics, from traffic circulation to HCPS-LOGO-1walk/bike safety to school-pools and transit. A regular, periodic meeting of transportation-focused professionals representing local governments, transit agencies, public safety organizations, and several functional groups within the School District would be beneficial, and does not currently exist. The Hillsborough MPO, which provides transportation coordination and long-range planning for many of these organizations already, is a logical host for such a group.

MPO_color_textThe MPO By-Laws allow the Chair to “Establish such ad hoc committees as the Chair may deem necessary and appoint their members and chairs.” Such committees are to have a specific task identified by the MPO Chair; a committee chair who is a MPO Board member; and an expiration date. On February 2, 2016, the Chair created the School Transportation Committee based on this proposal.

Who is on the School Transportation Working Group? (STWG Membership Roster 7-25-17) 

Cindy Stuart MPO Board Who should Chair? – (Cindy Stuart, School Board Member, District 3)

Where should group meet? – the STWG is scheduled to meet on the 18th floor of County Center.

Where/When does this group meet? – With the great number of topics and geographic locations needing attention, monthly meetings for the first year are recommended. After a year, the schedule will be reevaluated and/or the topics referred to another group or groups, such as the MPO’s Livable Roadways Committee or Technical Advisory Committee, FDOT’s Community Traffic Safety Team, and/or the School District’s Development Review Committee.  As of the inaugural meeting on April 27, 2016 the meetings are typically scheduled the 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:30 PM in the 18th floor of County Center in the Plan Hillsborough Room.

2018 Official Meeting Calendar

What potential issues will this group discuss?

  • Traffic circulationresource officer meets children
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Traffic safety audits at schools
  • Possible need for legislation to allow speed zones at high schools
  • Safe Routes to Schools program candidate projects
  • School crossing guards, needs and opportunities
  • Charter & Magnet Schools’ transportation needs and siting issues
  • High cost of school busing, and potential alternatives
  • HART bus routes and times in comparison to student needs
  • Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train expansion opportunities
  • Ride Share and School-Pool expansion opportunities
  • Joint use of shared facilities relating to transportation
  • Site planning process for new schools and development review checklist(s)
  • Other needs identified through the School Principals Council, School District Citizen Advisory Committee, or the Student Alliance

Results of poll ranking on April 27, 2016

Who provides funding support for committee-identified needs (supplies, technical analyses, etc.)? – MPO, as part of its adopted Unified Planning Work Program

Online resources: Meeting materials and presentations that may not be in agenda packet

April 27, 2016:

May 25, 2016:

June 29, 2016:

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HART Stay-cation 2016 STWG

STWG CC Colts Powerpoint 6-29-16

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October 2017

School Safety Study Area Top Ten Selection Overview 102617

HCSD School Transportation-for MPO 11-2017

FDOT 5-year Work Program

November 2017

STWG Walking School Bus Presentation 11-15-17

More Health On the Road for Safety

Tampa Bay Next Workforce Development Presentation MPO School Transportation_Nov 2017

DECEMBER 5, 2017 MPO Board meeting 

HCSD School Transportation-for MPO 12-2017

T-O MPO School Safety Study for MPO


Addressing Needs Locally Lucia Garsys Presentation on MPO Board 120517

School Transportation for Dec Committees

January 2018

City of Tampa School Related Projects Update

MPO Sulphur Springs K-8 SRTS Project 1-18


February 2018

FLiP 2018 to STWG

Cleveland School Painted Intersection Aerial 2.6.2018

STWG-MPO School Safety Study Top Ten 02282018

Hillsborough County Public School ILA Presentation_v3

March 2018

April 2018

Citrus Park Drive Extension – MPO Presentation 4_24_18

Coleman STWG 4-25

MPO School Safty Study for STWG-04252018

June 2018

July 2018


Miscellaneous information and articles: 

Ever wondered “Why Isn’t the Transportation Sector More Engaged in Student Transportation?”  The Eno Foundation and Bellwether Education Partners think this is a good place to start changing that; check out this national panel discussion.

National Household Transportation Survey Travel To School Jan 2008

Problem of Traffic Congestion Around Schools COPS Guide 2007, For more Community Oriented Policing Solutions.

Bellwether Education Partners May 2, 20917 panel discussion of  the Publication “Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation into the 21st Century”

Click here to watch video of Ms. Stuart on the May 2 panel at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Video of STWG field trip: Palma Ceia SideWalk Stompers Make New Strides at Roosevelt Elementary

“Getting to School” Survey Jan 18-Feb 3, 2017 results: 

School Transportation Resource Fair_FINAL Flyer


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Problem of Traffic Congestion Around Schools

National Household Transportation Survey Travel To School

New study finds old woes in Hills school bus system 4-26-16

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School Transportation Operations Fact Sheet

FL Statute for Hazardous Walking Conditions

TBARTA Regional School Commute Program Implementation Guide


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