Stormwater improvements will fast-track Green Spine Phase 2 segment

Green Spine cycle-trackExtending Downtown Tampa’s protected bikeway, the Green Spine cycle-track, into West Tampa will be happening a lot sooner than expected! A new stormwater improvement assessment fee approved by Tampa City Council in September allows the city to proceed with its Cypress Street Outfall Extension project. To avoid ripping up the road twice, the City has decided to build the Green Spine at the same time it installs a new box culvert that will drain the road after heavy rains. The project is located on Cass Street between Rome and Boulevard, and along Rome Avenue from Kennedy to Cass.

By tying Green Spine Phase 2 in with the stormwater work, the opportunity has been created for the Green Spine Phase 3B segment to be next in line for available grant funds. Phase 3B will run along Nuccio Parkway from Nebraska Avenue to 7th Avenue and now prioritized as the first segment to be funded for construction. The City will design and construct the remaining western segment from Boulevard across the Cass Street Bridge to Gasparilla Plaza with its own funds.