Stormwater controls reported to River Board

Stormwater PollutionWith concern regarding the relatively rainy winter and the upcoming summer rainy season, the River Board requested presentations by the respective government stormwater departments having responsibility adjacent to the Hillsborough River. Specifically the River Board wanted to understand the effort of the stormwater departments in mitigating the risk of flood events during the summer rainy season.
Mr. Bob Gordon, Temple Terrace Public Works Director, began the presentations at the May 19 River Board and Technical Advisory Council Joint Meeting. Mr. Gordon reported the City is replacing pumps, cleaning out ditches and ponds, installed a new emergency generator, and placed a fence around the intake units to prevent debris from getting in and limiting pumping capacity. He also mentioned that street cleaning is being performed monthly.

Hillsborough County and City of Tampa Staff also discussed similar preparations for the rainy season. The River Board heard that there are many efforts ongoing by the stormwater departments; nevertheless, the rare unprecedented rain event can, at times, overwhelm some areas of the stormwater system.