Staff Spotlight: Yeneka Mills

Yeneka MillsYeneka Mills | Principal Planner | Tenure: 14 years

Yeneka started at the Planning Commission as an intern in 2005 and was hired soon after as a Community Planner. In January 2016 she was promoted to Senior Planner and earlier this year she was promoted to her current position, Principal Planner. One of the highlights of her work is the creation and adoption of the award-winning Greater Palm River Community Plan through a series of extensive meetings and community input. The Palm River Community Plan was noted by both the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners as innovative and exceptional in that it addressed the special qualities of the Palm River Community.

Yeneka enjoys working at the Planning Commission because she gets to help shape what Hillsborough County looks like through land-use recommendations to the BOCC, review rezoning’s, plan amendments, and Land Development Code Amendments for consistency with the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan.

She has served several years as a Professional Development Officer for the Suncoast Section of the Florida American Planning Association. In her spare time, she enjoys decorating and doing crafts like card making.

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