Staff Spotlight: Tatiana Gonzalez

Tatiana GonzalezTatiana Gonzalez, CNU-A | Senior Planner | 4 years

Tatiana was born and raised in Miami, Florida and moved to Tampa in 2013 where she landed a planning position as a Planner/GIS Specialist/Addressing Coordinator for the City of Bradenton. Tackling three jobs in one position, she learned about many different sides of planning. She carried that knowledge with her to the Planning Commission where she has worked as a Senior Planner since 2015.

Currently, Tatiana is the Project Manager for the Wimauma Village Plan Community Character Profile. The project will provide an analysis of the market and economic development trends affecting demand for new development and redevelopment in Wimauma through 2025. Knowing that public input will be important to the project’s success, she recently took the National Charrette Institute training from Michigan State University to better understand how to prepare for a charrette in the local community and ensure outreach efforts include as many people in the community as possible.

In addition to her day-to-day work, Tatiana has coordinated the annual volunteer events for the agency including Women Build: A Habitat for Humanity Program (2017), McKay Bay Oyster Shell Bar Restoration Project: A Tampa Bay Watch Program (2018), and the Great American Cleanup: A Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Program (2019). Tatiana enjoys volunteer work like this because “it takes time before we can see the fruit of our efforts in long-range planning. By participating in outreach projects, we have the opportunity to get out of the office and make needed physical improvements to our community in a single day.”

In her spare time, Tatiana enjoys singing and playing the piano.

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