Staff Spotlight: Michael Rempfer

Michael Rempfer | Network and Database Administrator | Tenure: 3.5 years

Since Michael joined Plan Hillsborough he has:

  • Created an application for the front desk that we have called the e-ceptionist due to a hiring freeze that coincided with a retirement of our receptionist.
  • Written a program called CPUD that is being used to create the next comprehensive plan and ultimately a future searchable comprehensive plan for the public.
  • Increased the use of SQL server in the organization migrating from standalone Access databases.
  • Rewrote the POR system from an Access database to an application eliminating the need to print out paper PORs.
  • Developed the back end of the Master Agency Reporting System to consolidate items needed for quarterly and annual reports in one location.

“As a lover of the outdoors, my favorite part of living in the Tampa Bay area is being near beaches, natural parks, rivers and theme parks. We are never too far from any of these destinations.”

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