Staff Spotlight: Greg Colangelo

Greg Colangelo, Plan Hillsborough staffGregory Colangelo | Computer Graphic Designer | 34 years

Gregory Colangelo’s career at the Planning Commission began in February of 1986 B.C. (Before Computers). Hired as a Draftsman-1, he learned the basics of comprehensive plan mapping at a time when everything was produced, printed and colored by hand, along with many other projects supporting the work of updating the comprehensive plans. Over the years he has learned many new skills and seen firsthand how much planning could and would shape the communities he has called home for most of his life.

Greg’s current work is focused on designing the map graphics for rezoning’s and plan amendments, maintaining and growing the agency’s image library, and assisting with many public outreach programs for Plan Hillsborough. In his free time, Greg enjoys spending weekends with his husband and two dogs, Junior and Chance, catching up on yardwork, entertaining, and trips to the dog parks. When he finds time for travel, he loves visiting family in Ireland or relaxing in the Caribbean and is looking forward to seeing much more of the U.S. when he retires in a few years.

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