Staff Spotlight: Diego Guerra

Diego GuerraDiego Guerra | Community Planner II | 1.5 years

Diego works on the Strategic Planning, Environmental & Research Team (SPEAR) as a Community Planner II. He is responsible for infrastructure, utilities, and capital improvements planning, environmental planning, and assisting with the Hillsborough River Board. Currently he is helping with the update to the Comprehensive Plan, specifically with the One Water, Conservation, and Coastal Management Elements.

Prior to his employment with the Planning Commission, Diego was an Intelligence Analyst for the United States Marine Corps where he retired after 16 years of service. After he separated from the military, Diego’s interest in coastal resiliency attracted him to the Tampa Bay region, as well as the great weather. When not in school, Diego enjoys scuba diving, camping, hiking, going to soccer games, and traveling. He has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and his favorite vacation spot is Panglao Island in the Philippines.

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