Speed Management Action Plan (2019)

deadly car accident on the interstateProject Overview

With the concerning numbers of people hurt and killed on roadways in Hillsborough County, several approaches will be needed to see a reduction in injuries and deaths. Through Vision Zero, there is an acknowledgement that speed plays a significant role in avoiding a crash altogether or at least surviving one. One of the strategies outlined in the MPO’s Vision Zero Action Plan specifically calls for looking at setting target speeds suitable to the surrounding context of land uses.

The MPO Board agreed to sponsor a study of speed management and safety, focusing on severe crash corridors in Hillsborough County. A stakeholder team was formed to guide how to prioritize and treat roads where excessive speed was a factor in the crash history.

A final stakeholder meeting was held to finalize the methodology used, the identification of corridors that would benefit from speed reduction, and the recommended treatments to reduce a driver’s ability to speed.

Speed Management Action Plan Documents

Hillsborough MPO Speed Management Action Plan, Approved July 28, 2020

Hillsborough MPO Speed Management Action Plan APPENDIX


Stakeholder Meeting #1 – MAY 2019

Stakeholder Meeting #2 – OCT 2019

MPO Board – Presentation for Approval