Solid Waste Section

Project Overview and Scope

Photos and video provided by Hillsborough County

The Solid Waste Section serves to update the Solid Waste Element of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The update is designed to provide a long-term framework for the County to be a leader in sustainable solid waste management. Incorporating the integrated hierarchy of waste management, the updated language proposes additional policy related to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, leveraging waste as a resource, sustainable and resilient siting practices, and strategies for the County to lead by example.

The language was developed via a collaborative approach with staff from Hillsborough County’s Solid Waste Management Division. It is coordinated with other sustainability planning efforts by the County and incorporates best practices in sustainable solid waste management planning.

Updated as of July 2, 2021

Phase 1

Development of draft language

Collaborative development process with Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division

Began Fall 2020/Winter 2021

Phase 2

Public and stakeholder review and comment

Public stakeholder comment period ends June 24, 2021

Phase 4

Amendment adoption

Public Engagement

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Future Steps