Sid Flannery receives inaugural Hillsborough River Stewardship Award

Sid Flannery receives River Stewardship AwardThe Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board and Technical Advisory Council awarded its first annual Hillsborough River Stewardship Award recognizing leadership and dedication in the protection of the health and well-being of the Hillsborough River. Tampa City Councilwoman and Hillsborough River Board Chair, Lisa Montelione presented a specially engraved oar to Sid Flannery at the Planning Commission’s 33rd Annual Planning & Design Awards on October 29.

An oar represents the perfect award for a pragmatic advocate for the overall health of the Hillsborough River watershed. Mr. Flannery began working for the Southwest Florida Water Management District in 1985. He served as a Chief Environmental Scientist until he retired in 2014 and contributed to the development of one of the state’s most robust programs for implementing and re-evaluating Minimum Flows and Levels for nearly thirty years. The pioneer of the application of the “percent-of-flow” approach in West Central Florida that emphasizes the critical interactions where saltwater and freshwater mix as well as the fish and other organisms that depend on it, Sid Flannery was key to the environmental recovery of the Lower Hillsborough River. And for that, we all thank you, Sid Flannery!