Shimberg Gardens Dedicated

From left: Rob Gamester, Fran Gamester, Commissioner Sandy Murman,Hinks Shimberg & Congresswoman Kathy Castor


Shimberg Gardens was dedicated at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 10th in Town ‘N Country. Named after the Shimberg family, brothers James H. Shimberg Sr. and Mandell “Hinks” Shimberg, the developers of Town ‘N Country beginning in 1959, these gardens are part of the Town ‘N Country Community Plan developed from 2000 to 2003. Rob Gamester, chairman of community projects for Town ‘N Country Garden Circle, said “We had more than 400 people participate in the creation of our community plan.”

Sandy Murman at park dedication

“It really takes public, private and community partnerships to keep the wheels rolling and to get projects like this done -Thanks to all of our community partners, and to all of the individuals that helped make it happen.”
– Commissioner Sandy Murman

Ray Chiaramonte, AICP, Executive Director of the Planning Commission, explained, “These gardens embody the priority of this community to have a place for all of its residents to enjoy the beauty of nature within their neighborhood. Having this as part of the vision in their community plan and, then implementing it, is what this process is all about.”

Fundraising launched in 2005 has helped provide trees, shrubs, low-volume irrigation and more for the gardens and bordering county complex at 7606 Paula Drive, which houses a library, senior center and Head Start center. The trees, provided and installed by the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department, boost the total value of donations to the gardens and adjacent building to more than $103,000. “We want this to be a place where people bring their kids,” said Gamester whose 70-member garden club raises money to support park amenities.