Shape your community: the 2020 Census

kids in class raising their handsMarch 2020 – As 2020 Census activities ramp up across the country, the Census Bureau, its partners, and Complete Count Committee’s (CCC) across the nation have been educating the public on the importance of civic participation in the census and how it will help shape their communities. The once-a-decade population count is required by the U.S. Constitution and counts all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Island Areas. Results will have an impact at the federal, state, and local level bringing potential changes to the number of representatives each state gets in the United States House of Representatives; redrawing of congressional district boundaries; how to equitably distribute more than $675 billion in federal funding for items such as infrastructure, public services and grants; and providing critical data that will help individual communities plan for their future.

At the state level, Florida could potentially add an additional congressional seat. Locally, census data will inform the redistricting for the Board of County Commissioners (every ten years), the Hillsborough County School Board (every ten years), and the City of Tampa City Council (every four years). The school district is actively promoting participation in the 2020 Census and has already sent out information to parents. Efforts have also been made for social studies teachers to implement a lesson plan in their classes about the importance of the census.

This is the first census intended to be completed primarily online or via a telephone (there will still be an option to respond via mail). Because of this, there will be far fewer enumerators going house to house in order to solicit information, with enumerators only become involved if a household fails to respond. The 2020 Census WILL NOT ask any questions about citizenship, religion, or faith.

Timeline for the 2020 Census

  • March 12-20 – Invitation to take the census
  • March 16-24 – Reminder letter
  • April 1 – Census Day is observed nationwide
  • March 26 – April 3 – Reminder postcard
  • April 8 – 16 – Reminder letter & Questionnaire
  • April 20 – 27 – Final postcard reminder

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