Ruskin community character study

Ruskin distribution centerNovember 2019 – Ruskin residents have a new tool to use in promoting community development. Strategic Planning Group, Inc. and Wade Trim were retained by the Planning Commission and Hillsborough County Economic Development Department to complete a Ruskin Community Profile report focused on Ruskin’s Downtown, College Avenue Corridor (between US41 and I-75 interchange) and South Shore Corporate Park. The profile provides an analysis of market and economic development trends affecting demand for new development and redevelopment through 2023. Included in the report are sections on Ruskin’s business environment; economic/employment relating to current employment (industrial, office and retail); unemployment; zoning; and Future Land Use buildout analysis.

Ruskin is an unincorporated Census Designated Place (CDP) located in southern Hillsborough County bordering Tampa Bay and Little Manatee River to the west and south, Interstate I-75 to the east and 19th Avenue to the north. It is one of the fastest-growing communities in Hillsborough County and has recovered from the recession of 2007/8. However, 91% of Ruskin residents work outside of Ruskin, while 80% of those working within Ruskin live outside the community. Ruskin has excellent transportation access with a major interchange on Interstate I-75. Amazon’s location of a distribution center in South Shore Corporate Park (since 2005) has increased the area’s visibility to the development community.

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