River Board requests delay in Blue Sink pumping permit

Blue Sink reservoir City of Tampa SWFWMDIn an ongoing effort to provide minimum flows for the lower Hillsborough River, while allowing continued optimal use of the City of Tampa Reservoir in the middle river, the City of Tampa applied for a Water Use Permit from the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to pump water from a sinkhole in the Forrest Hills area called Blue Sink. However, the permit was scheduled to be approved just weeks before an important environmental monitoring report regarding the minimum flow effort for the lower Hillsborough River was expected. It is for this reason, the River Board at its December 10, 2013 regular meeting, voted unanimously to ask SWFWMD to delay issuing the permit until the science from this report could be evaluated. Despite this request, the SWFWMD Governing Board approved the permit at its meeting on December 17, 2013.