River Board Endorses InVision Tampa

newvision_icon_graphicUsing federal grant dollars, Tampa created a master plan for its City Center spanning from downtown to Ybor City on the east, Armenia Avenue on the west, and north along historic Nebraska Avenue to Hillsborough Avenue. They focused on downtown and the western bank of the Hillsborough River, as well as the Nebraska Corridor. In November 2012, they released the Center City Plan with its blueprint for transforming the community. The plan includes the principal: “The Hillsborough River and Waterfront will be accessible, comfortable, safe and highly active; extending environmental value into the community through increased connectivity from the neighborhoods and integration with development.”


Consistent with its responsibilities to monitor development within the Hillsborough River corridor under the State of Florida’s Special Act 86-335, the TAC and River Board examined the plan and its impact on the Hillsborough River corridor. Consistent with the recommendations of the TAC, the River Board endorsed the Center City Plan. In particular, the River Board supported the city’s efforts to make the River an accessible centerpiece to the City and its emphasis on improving water quality through improved stormwater facilities and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques.


The River Board transmitted a letter to the Mayor and City Council supporting their efforts and asking the City to continue to emphasize efforts to retrofit existing hardened shorelines with natural shorelines; address aging infrastructure and water supply needs; and continue to improve river water quality and minimum flows for the lower river. The River Board also asked that, consistent with the River Board’s authority, per Chapter 86-335 Laws of Florida, City staff and consultants coordinate with the River Board in the future as the plan is implemented and on any changes to the Comprehensive Plan’s River Master Plan component that may be considered. For more information, visit InVision Tampa.