River Board Coordinates with Tampa Bay Water

CWBillYoung_reservoirWith the C.W.Bill Young Regional Reservoir down for repairs, other sources of water must be relied upon. At their June regular meeting, the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board’s Technical Advisory Council received an update of these repairs by Mr. Jon Kennedy of Tampa Bay Water. Mr. Kennedy reported that no Water Use Permits had been exceeded due to the regional reservoir being off-line. This past year the Tampa Bay Area has been blessed with ample rainfall. This has allowed the area to utilize surface waters as a major source of water supply without impacting the health of the rivers. Both the Hillsborough and the Alafia River are utilized as a source of water supply. This has also allowed for the continued “resting” of historically overly-relied upon ground waters. While the Regional reservoir is being repaired, Tampa Bay Water also relies upon their regional desalination facility. At their August 26th regular meeting, the River Board took action to send a letter to Tampa Bay Water thanking them for their coordination efforts, and requesting additional coordination during the next year’s dry season, to ensure the River Board is adequately informed of water withdrawals and how these withdrawals may affect the Hillsborough River. This timely coordination will ensure the River Board can appropriately monitor and have meaningful input on this issue.