Rezoning approved for multi-use project in Riverview

November, 2018 – The Planning Commission staff reviews applications for rezonings to make sure new development is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Recently, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners approved plans for a 35.6-acre mixed-use project at the northwest corner of US Hwy 301 and Simmons Loop that furthered the Comprehensive Plan policies about mixed-use development. The development by Simmons Loop Apartment Partners LLC will include multi-family residential, commercial, and medical office uses. The County Comprehensive Plan encourages creating walkable, connected mixed-use projects where residents may be able to get daily services or even work in close proximity to where they live. This reduces trips on our roadways, is a more efficient use of land and creates a more sustainable development pattern. Because the project furthered these policies, the applicant received an allowance for increased density as a result of design enhancements, including a pedestrian and bicycle path connecting the residential and commercial areas.

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