Reporting on the One-Cent Surtax

IOC LogoThe Hillsborough County Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) was created in 2019 to oversee spending of the penny tax for transportation projects. The main functions of the IOC are to provide a transparent process by reviewing an audit of the proceeds to ensure compliance with applicable laws and statutes; approve Agency Project Plans; prepare an annual report summarizing the results of the audit and any findings made; and review projects proposed by citizens and forward them to the appropriate agency. At its October 26, 2020 Public Hearing, the committee approved the 2019 IOC Annual Report. The report summarizes the results of the surtax audit and results. The full report can be found at your local Hillsborough County Public Library or online at:

For more information visit:, or contact Johnny Wong: 813.273.3774 x370 /

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