Regional Jobs Access Plan (2000)

slider-regional-transit-action-planTransportation has become a key barrier to those moving from welfare to work. Nationally, while two-thirds of all new jobs are now in the suburbs, three-quarters of welfare recipients live in rural areas or centra cities. Public transit tends to be available in the suburbs only on a limited basis, and even in the center city, may not be available to serve late-evening or early-morning work shifts.

In an effort to more precisely identify the specific problems created by this state of affairs, a detailed analysis was conducted of jobs, job-seekers, and transportation services in Hillsborough County. By comparing areas with transportation needs with available transportation resources it is possible to make recommendations to improve access to jobs in Hillsborough County.

Regional Jobs Access Plan technical update (2004)

Regional Jobs Access Plan final report (2000)

Regional Jobs Access Plan appendicies (2000)