Recreation and Open Space Section

Project Overview and Scope

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The Recreation and Open Space Section serves to update the Recreation and Open Space Element of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The Recreation and Open Space Section provides a framework for long-range planning of recreation parks, conservation parks, recreational trails and preserves.

The overarching goal of the updated Section is to ensure an integrated system of recreation and resource-based parks that are accessible, inclusive, equitable and enhance quality of life for residents and visitors in the community. This is supported by concepts in the update such as safe and equitable access, diverse programming opportunities, continued inclusive engagement and involvement, strategic partnerships, and integrating parks with the built environment in a manner that enhances the overall community.

The language was developed via a collaborative approach with staff from Hillsborough County’s Parks & Recreation and Conservation & Environmental Lands Management. It is coordinated with master planning efforts and incorporates best practices in comprehensive planning and parks planning.

Updated as of July 2, 2021

Phase 1

Development of draft language

Collaborative development process with Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation and Conservation and Environmental Lands Management Departments 

Began Fall 2020/Winter 2021

Phase 2

Public and stakeholder review and comment

Public stakeholder comment period ends June 24, 2021

Phase 4

Amendment Adoption

Public Engagement

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Future Steps