Quality of Life Services program

Arizona JenkinsFamily reunions! Concerts! Beach getaways! These activities bring joy to our lives and we look forward to jumping in our cars with loved ones on our way to experience these memory-making times. Now picture yourself unable to drive – whether due to age or disability. Unless there is a convenient bus route, your options are limited to asking friends (if you’re wheelchair bound, asking someone with an equipped van) or more often than not, turning down the invitation.

In Hillsborough County there are services for medical trips and some service for all of the other reasons we would want to leave our homes. Yet when non-medical trips are permitted, it’s typically only for the qualified rider and to only one destination. Taxi-services can get pricey especially if multiple trips are needed and the distances are long.

But not any longer! Quality of Life Community Services picks up where other services fall short. That is why MPO Livable Roadways Committee member, Arizona Jenkins, praises Quality of Life Community Services:

“I was able to travel to a Tampa Bay Rays game and see The Mavericks in Clearwater’s Capitol Theatre with up to four of my friends… for $2!”

Arizona is confined to a motorized wheelchair but that isn’t holding him back from having an active and fun filled life in and outside of Hillsborough County. He’s more on the go than most of us! Arizona explained the ease of making appointments which can be difficult via telephone for someone with a speech impediment. Instead, you can simply email the address and time for pickup, how many people are traveling with you, and where you would like to go.

This well-named service is certainly improving the Quality of Life for seniors and those with disabilities. Learn more about Quality of Life and if you qualify for their services.