Unincorp Hillsborough County CP : Public Schools Facilities Element

In 2005, the Florida Legislature mandated that the county and each municipality within the county must adopt a Public School Facilities Element that is consistent with those adopted by the other local governments within the county. The purpose of Plan Amendment CPA 07-33a is to adopt a Public School Facilities Element (PSFE) for Unincorporated Hillsborough County. Unincorporated Hillsborough County’s PSFE is consistent with all other local governments within Hillsborough County. The PSFE for all four jurisdictions within Hillsborough County includes the following:• Policies addressing population projections, growth and development trends;• Policies regarding school facility siting and availability and procedures relating to community design and compatibility;• Policies encouraging shared use and co-location, bicycle and pedestrian access, and use of schools as emergency shelters, and land use and school facility coordination;• Policies to implement Public School Concurrency, which include establishing level of service standards, school concurrency service areas, applicability standards, capacity determination standards, availability standards, and proportionate share mitigation; and• Policies providing for the monitoring and evaluation of the Public School Facilities Element.

Public Schools Facilities Element