Public engagement for the Mobility Section of the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan kicks-off in September

HART busAugust 2021 – Planning Commission and Hillsborough County staff are collaborating to update the Mobility Section of the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The Plan, which last went through a major overhaul in 2008, is a long-range blueprint for future growth and provides policy direction on issues that affect the quality of life in the unincorporated area. We are updating the Comprehensive Plan in a phased, integrated, and collaborative approach. Learn more about this update by visiting the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update project page.

The Mobility Section revamps what was formerly known as the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan. This Section provides a renewed focus on safety, equity, multimodal choices, resiliency, technology, and context-sensitive road design. Transportation maps within the Comprehensive Plan are also being updated as part of this process.

By establishing goals and providing policy direction, the Mobility Section will help ensure that the transportation system:

  • Supports the needs of all users to access necessities, opportunities, and each other
  • Encompasses Vision Zero and prioritizes safety for all roadway users
  • Is maintained in good repair with the ability to evacuate via the roadway system
  • Utilizes technology to build a smart system
  • Protects historical, cultural, and natural assets when considering roadway changes

The update is a collaboration between the Planning Commission and staff from the County’s Community & Infrastructure Planning Department, Public Works, and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART).

The public is invited to provide feedback and comments on the draft goals, objectives, and policies, which can be viewed on the Mobility Section project page. The public is invited to participate in two meetings, scheduled for September 9 and September 23, and will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions in a virtual format. The public is also encouraged to submit questions and comments in advance through the submission form on the project page.  The Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners are slated to hold public hearings in November and December.

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