Proposed plan amendments indicate future land use trends

October 2018 – Comprehensive Plan Amendments, proposed from 2013 to 2018, have been analyzed to identify trends in the type and location of changes to the Future Land Use Map. The Future Land Use Map is adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan and outlines what level of development can occur in certain areas and where different uses are allowed. A presentation on these amendment trends was made to the Planning Commission in September and featured maps showing where land use proposals are concentrated.

In Unincorporated Hillsborough County, the Suburban Mixed-Use category 6 (SMU-6) was requested more than any other land use category over the last 5 years, with the highest activity in the Lutz area. Tampa also reflects a spike in requests for changes to Community Mixed Use 35 (CMU-35). Temple Terrace and Plant City, by comparison, reflect a distinct dominance in requests for commercial land uses.

Maps were generated to identify geographic locations where there has been a tendency for change. There is a lot of amendment activity along major corridors such as the Veterans Expressway, Dale Mabry Highway, US Highway 301, and within close proximity to the interstates. There has been very little activity outside the Urban Service Area. Concentrations of Suburban and Urban-scale development are proposed for Tampa and Temple Terrace, and the northwestern part of the Unincorporated County.

The Planning Commission analyzes these trends to determine if additional changes are needed to the Comprehensive Plans and Future Land Use Maps for the four jurisdictions to keep up with the real estate market and community desires.

View full presentation and county maps.

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