Plant City Northeast Master Plan

A vision plan to guide the future growth pattern of northeast Plant City, developed by the City of Plant City, in collaboration with the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission and the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization. Based on several voluntary annexations and discussions with other large property owners (in 2007), it is anticipated that the majority of annexations over the next five to ten years (by 2020), will be to the northeast of Plant City.  Due to the anticipated expansion into this area and its lack of many public facilities, the municipality proactively developed a “vision plan” for this area, which was named the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan.  This plan is generally bounded by Knights Griffin Road to the north, the extension of Alexander Street to the west, I-4 or US 92 to the south and Polk County to the east. The recommendations from this study will assist in the planning and programming of needed public improvements to serve the higher intensities and densities anticipated when these lands voluntarily annex into Plant City.  The most important reason to undertake this planning effort was the need to establish a “vision” for this area’s future development, to ensure that new residents are well integrated into the social fabric of the City of Plant City.

Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan

Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan Map