Plant City Multimodal District Study (2007)

slider-plant-city-multimodal-district-studyThe members of the City of Plant City and its community have expressed interest in providing friendly conditions for walking, bicycling, and transit. Meanwhile changes in  Florida Statute have required the City of Plant City to implement a proportionate “fair share” ordinance and clearly demonstrate the financial feasibility of the Capital Improvement Element (CIE) within the Comprehensive Plan.

As Plant City staff reviews its level of service (LOS) standards to update the CIE and develop its proportionate fair share ordinance, standards should be adopted that will support the City’s vision. Current transportation LOS standards emphasize widening roads when peak hour traffic congestion and delays increase. However, with the escalating cost of roadway construction in urbanized areas, the approach may not be feasible for the long term. The City’s residents must decide if the approach places values on the characteristics they have identified as desirable for  their city.

This report takes into consideration the City of Plant City’s hometown charm and relationship to the West Central Florida region as an agricultural, industrial, and  distribution center.  It is recommended that the City consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan identifying polices, objectives, and goals to implement a future MMTD or TCEA with multimodal standards to promote redevelopment and infill in the Downtown/Midtown region of the City, supporting the guiding principles identified in the Plant City Midtown Redevelopment Vision Plan (2007).

Plant City Multimodal District Study

Three Cities Multimodal District Studies Appendix