Planning for growth and development around the Hillsborough River

harbor island seen from hillsborough riverJune 2020 – The Hillsborough River runs through the heart of the City of Tampa. By 2045, Tampa will see over 108,000 more residents, 77,000 new homes, and 258,000 new jobs within the City limits. Much of this growth is expected in proximity to the Hillsborough River. Together, we can turn the challenges that come with this growth into opportunities for a sustainable and thriving future. It’s now time to update the City of Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan to lay the foundation for Tampa’s future.

The Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission, in coordination with the City Planning Department, is overseeing a multi-phased, multi-year plan update that will lead to in-depth revisions to the Tampa Comprehensive Plan through the 2045 horizon year. This plan and its vision guide how we build the places in which we live, work, and play. This plan sets priorities as we address our economy, housing, transportation, environment, and everything that influences how we live in Tampa.

Building on previous city-wide projects, important themes have emerged from citizen feedback. One of these is to value and protect our natural environment. This theme prioritizes clean air and water and protecting our natural environment, so we can continue to enjoy the health and economic benefits of our natural assets. Ensuring the Hillsborough River remains an asset to the community in the future is a key aspect of this Tampa planning initiative.

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