Plan Hillsborough takes the Commuter Challenge

March 2018 – As part of our second annual Commuter Challenge Week (February 19-23), Plan Hillsborough staff and board members gave their cars some time off! Staff and board members recorded over 200 trips by transit, bike, walking, carpool or using another mode of transportation other than driving a car alone. MPO Executive Director Beth Alden shared that by carpooling and taking the bus, “Our household saves some bucks sharing two cars with three adults.” Even staff who are familiar with transportation options used it as an opportunity to try new ways of getting around. Senior Planner Tatiana Gonzalez, who doesn’t own a car and regularly rides the bus, used the week to experiment with different transportation options each day. “This was the first time I tried biking to work, which gave me a chance to see the Selmon Greenway. It’s worth it to try every mode at least once.”

You can learn more about staff and board members’ experiences by reading our Commuter Stories. Also, don’t miss Commissioner Karen Kress’ thoughts on going carless in Tampa as featured in 83 Degrees. This year, Plan Hillsborough joined the Tampa Downtown Partnership in promoting the Challenge to the broader community, and were thrilled to see community leaders, elected officials, and private businesses join in! You can view photos and experiences by searching for the hashtag #CommuterChallenge18 on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. We were also delighted when some in the news media were inspired to take the Challenge, and happy to see these different transportation options covered as a way of “Getting There” by Chuck Henson of Bay News 9.

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