Making connections at 2017 Neighborhoods Conference

August 2017 – On July 15, Hillsborough County held its 14th Annual Neighborhoods Conference. Plan Hillsborough hosted two exhibit tables to talk with dozens of Hillsborough County’s neighborhood organizations about working together for a thriving future.

Our own Stephen Griffin, AICP, was a speaker in a joint educational workshop with County Development Services Department describing how planning and zoning work and why they are significant to the health and future of neighborhoods.

Interacting directly with community members is a great opportunity for our staff. Throughout the day, we were able to answer questions and engage citizens actively involved in their neighborhoods on Planning Commission and MPO initiatives, processes, and projects. The neighborhoods were very excited about Vision Zero Hillsborough and taking home reflective slap bracelets. Some organizations even signed up for customized Vision Zero bumper stickers. We are looking forward to next year’s Neighborhoods Conference already!

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