Focusing on agency internal collaboration

Plan Hillsborough staff video chatting while working remotelyMay 2020 – As one of Plan Hillsborough’s Strategic Plan Strategic Priorities, Internal Agency Enhancements are primarily focused on improving internal communication across teams and between staff with different roles and responsibilities. The need for maintaining strong internal connections became even more important once the agency transitioned to a virtual work environment in March where we have been communicating solely via video conferences, phone calls, and emails.

As part of our goal to implement the Strategic Plan in 2020, a team set out to develop programming addressing ways to improve connections and enhance cross-team communication while working virtually. The team piloted “A Day in the Life” panel discussion where a group of staff shared aspects of their typical day, current projects, their professional career path, and even some fun activities they are enjoying during quarantine. The first panel, held in a virtual “lunch and learn” format, featured Meghan Betourney, Felicia Pulliam, and Johnny Wong. They discussed various components of their roles, projects, responsibilities, and daily contributions to support the agency’s mission. The panelists also shared fun facts that others at the agency may not know about them. In addition to learning more about the work of different members of Plan Hillsborough staff, “A Day in the Life” was a nice lunchtime break to connect and learn more about one another.

Staff plans to continue this series over the next several months to continue building stronger internal relationships and further accelerate the implementation of our agency’s Strategic Plan.

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