Plan Hillsborough, City of Tampa & HART land FTA TOD Grant

January 2019 – HART, in collaboration with Plan Hillsborough and the City of Tampa, has been awarded an $800,000 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) pilot program grant to evaluate ties between Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Land Use policies to help cultivate TOD along designated transit emphasis corridors. Transit-oriented development can include a mix of commercial, residential,  office, and entertainment centered around or near a transit station. Dense, walkable, mixed-use development near transit attracts people and adds to vibrant, connected communities.

Successful TOD depends on access and density around the transit station. Convenient access to transit fosters development, while density encourages people to use the transit system. Focusing growth around transit stations capitalizes on public investments in transit and provides many benefits, including:

  • increased ridership and associated revenue gains for transit systems
  • incorporation of public and private sector engagement and investment
  • revitalization of neighborhoods
  • a larger supply of affordable housing and housing choices
  • economic returns to surrounding landowners and businesses
  • congestion relief and associated environmental benefits
  • improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists through non-motorized infrastructure

Over the next 18 months, the TOD grant will be used to analyze potential transit station locations along the Florida Ave, Nebraska Ave, and Fowler Ave corridors. Adopted TOD use policies will be tested, refined, and ultimately adopted into the Comprehensive Plans to be easily applied to proposed station locations as our public transportation network expands in the future.

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