One Water Comprehensive Plan updates continue to move forward

people enjoying a body of waterMay 2020 – Updates to the One Water Chapter, a component of the overall Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update, are moving forward as part of the April cycle of plan amendments. The One Water Chapter synthesizes and modernizes the water resources language that previously lived in siloed Elements. The Chapter combines the Potable Water, Sanitary Sewerage, and Stormwater Management Elements as well as water resource-related language from the Conservation and Aquifer Recharge, Future Land Use, Coastal Management, and Capital Improvements Elements. In addition, the Chapter contains new language that is on the forefront of water resources management, such as green infrastructure, multi-use projects, and coordinated water infrastructure planning.

The Chapter is a collaboration between the Planning Commission and stakeholders from the One Water Working Group, composed of staff from across water resources disciplines at Hillsborough County: The Water Resources Department, Environmental Management Division, Development Services Department, and Engineering and Operations Department. Through this integrated approach to comprehensive planning, the One Water Chapter sets the stage for implementation of innovative programming by the County.

Existing water resources maps within the Comprehensive Plan are also being updated as part of this process. In addition to these static maps for adoption, the Planning Commission’s Planning Support Services Team created the One Water mapping application where the public can view a variety of water resource layers and see the interrelationships between different aspects of water.

The public is invited to provide feedback and comments on the draft language, which can be viewed on the One Water project page. A One Water Virtual Public Meeting on these proposed changes is scheduled for Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m. The public will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions in a virtual format. The public is also encouraged to submit questions and comments in advance through the submission form on the One Water project page.

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