One Water Chapter unanimously transmitted by the BOCC

people enjoying a body of waterSeptember 2020 – On August 27, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted unanimously to transmit the One Water Chapter for state and regional review, the last step in the plan amendment process prior to adoption. At this stage, state and regional agencies will provide review and comment on the document. Following this review period, One Water will go back to the BOCC for an adoption public hearing on October 22. The public is welcome to attend and provide comment at this meeting. Please keep an eye on the project page for details closer to the meeting.

One Water was recently featured as a model for other jurisdictions as part of the webinar series Comprehensive Planning for Clean Water. Planning Commission and Hillsborough County staff have also been asked to share the One Water approach with the Agency on Bay Management, Bay Soundings, the Agricultural Economic Development Council and SWFWMD’s Interagency Agricultural Roundtable. Additionally, the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and the US Green Building Council have provided letters of support for the Chapter.

You can check these out as part of the full BOCC packet.

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