New trail along Courtney Campbell will be for bicycling and walking


The Courtney Campbell Causeway connecting Tampa and Clearwater is being repaved and enhanced, including the addition of new walk/bike paths physically separated from the road.

The $23 million project along State Road 60 is being built by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), FDOT received $14.6 million in federal grant, which is dedicated for walking and biking infrastructure, to build the nine-mile trail.

A 12-foot-wide trail on the south side of the Causeway is expected to be completed in October 2013. The north side of the Causeway will host a five-foot sidewalk, which is scheduled to open in 2014.

“The idea for the trail came from the Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway Corridor Advisory Committee,” says Michelle Ogilvie of the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization. “The committee worked with the local Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and FDOT toward producing a feasibility study for the trail concept in 2008.”

The sea level Courtney Campbell Causeway received the Scenic Highway Corridor Designation in 2005. It provides a picturesque and vital link across the body of water called Old Tampa Bay.

“The bay is our brand, our identity and the trail will provide a safe place to enjoy it,” says Ogilvie. “The trail will strengthen the relationship between the counties, allow ecotourism to expand, and help build regional identity.”

The Courtney Campbell Trail will connect existing trail developments on both sides of the Bay, serving as a resource to the region.

Information courtesy of 83 Degrees Media. Writer: Taryn Sabia