New traffic signal was the missing link


On March 14, 2016, the City of Tampa declared a new signal fully functional on E Hillsborough Avenue at East Gate Plaza/ Meridian Point Apartments. The roadway is state-owned but maintained by the City of Tampa. The city has deploying portable electronic message boards on both approaches to alert motorists about the new traffic signal. The signalized crosswalk was needed for the neighborhood to safely access transit and all of the destinations on both sides of this busy road.

Pedestrians on East Hillsborough

Local residents use the new signaled crosswalk at the intersection of E Hillsborough Ave and Meridian Apartments / East Gate Plaza

Congratulations to the City of Tampa and FDOT for collaborating to get this project completed. The total cost of the traffic signal project was $350,000; $306,000 for construction funded by FDOT and $44,000 for design funded by the City. The funds were well spent as seen in photos below taken only one day after the crossings were fully functional. Local families living on either side of Hillsborough Avenue can now safely access all the neighborhood businesses on the other. Pedestrian use a new signaled crosswalk at E. Hillsborough Ave. to arrive home safe.

These improvements resulted from the 2013 MPO Corridor Safety Study. The roadway was one of several corridors identified for further study in the MPO’s Crash Severity Reduction Report. Not only is E Hillsborough Avenue heavily traveled, but there are 6-lanes, few medians, and some of the highest number of severe or fatal crashes stretching from Nebraska to 56th Street.

There is good news to report. Many of the corridor improvements identified in the MPO corridor study have occurred over the last year or are underway:

  • Doubled the number of safe crossings along the corridor
  • Reduced the speed limit for a portion of the corridor
  • At existing crosswalks:
    • Upgraded crosswalks to high-visibility markings
    • Added signs reminding drivers to yield to pedestrians before turning
    • Reduced pedestrian wait time to get the “walk” signal
    • Increased frequency of the pedestrian “walk” signal

The community can look forward to continued cooperation among the City, FDOT, and MPO to make our roadways better for everyone.