New South Coast Greenway will connect south Hillsborough County

August 2018 – The Hillsborough MPO is excited to announce the completion of the South Coast Greenway Connector Study, a multi-use trail study evaluating the possible routes to connect from Gibsonton to the Palm River area. Creating this connection to rapidly developing south Hillsborough County will fill an important need for residents looking for safe ways to walk or bike with their families and provide a safe space for users of all ages and abilities. Once built, this trail will be a part of the Shared Use Non-motorized (SUN) Trail network that is already connecting communities across the state. The South Coast Greenway will also be part of the Gulf Coast Trail that will extend from Naples to St. Petersburg, creating a new recreational corridor along the southwest coast of Florida.

The route alternatives vary from powerline corridors to drainage canals, activating previously unused spaces. At the northern end, Hillsborough County has prioritized the reconstruction of the Maydell Bridge and will include a trail across the Palm River/Bypass Canal. As it passes through Palm River, Clair Mel, Progress Village, Riverview, and Gibsonton, it stiches together these and other neighborhoods to the north and south. It also connects to the Bypass Canal, another proposed as a new greenway. Together, these and other related projects provide the backbone of a growing off-road trail network that offers choices to residents and even commuters throughout Hillsborough County.

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