New plan amendment layer in PIMA

Exciting news! The Planning Commission’s online mapping tool – the Planning Information Map App – otherwise known as PIMA, has new data available. You can now view plan amendments to Future Land Use Map for the four comprehensive plans of Hillsborough County, Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City. Plan amendments dating back to 2000 are currently available.

To view the new layer, open the Data Layers tab to the left, select the jurisdiction you wish to view, and check “Plan Amendments.” If you have the plan amendment number, open the “Search Plan Amendments” tab on the bottom right, select the jurisdiction, enter the number, then click search. Please note the number must be in ##-## format (For example, 17-11 or 04-05). Relevant information regarding the amendment is available, like the type of amendment, the type of applicant, the nature of the request, and the action taken by elected officials. For more information, contact Brandon Henry at 813.273.3774 x371.

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