New MV-1 Paratransit Vehicle

MV_1 Vehicle LogoHART is investing in the future with distinctive looking MV-1 vehicles, which look like a cross between a boxy hybrid SUV and a minivan. There are a number of smart, budget-conscious, customer-centric reasons to transition to the MV-1:

  • Savings and comfort! The MV-1 costs less, has better fuel economy, and is more comfortable
  • A pioneer, the MV-1 is the first minivan designed from the ground up as an Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant vehicle, as opposed to retrofitting a family minivan as in the past
  • Roomy yet compact, the MV-1 seats up to three adults or one adult and one patron in a full-size wheelchair and features a large side-door opening and a heavy-duty factory-equipped access ramp that stows under the vehicle floor  
  • HART_MV1_transitvehicleDesigned with flexibility in mind, the interior comfortably accommodates a variety of assisted mobility devices, including large electric wheelchairs
  • Safety! The MV-1 has been engineered to maintain its crash test ratings in use, unlike most retrofitted minivans
  • Better service! HART plans to roll out a fleet of 13 new MV-1 paratransit minivans this month – Nine are replacements for the larger heavy duty diesel vans and four expansion minivans to meet the increased demand for paratransit services
  • Cutting costs! HART saved $1 million dollars in capital costs by purchasing the smaller vans over the larger vans and will continue to save annual operating costs from the improved gas mileage
  • Meeting future needs – U.S. Census data indicates that 14 million Americans are currently dealing with serious mobility issues with more than four million relying on a wheelchair every day – this trend will continue to grow exponentially as the baby boomer generation began to turn 65 in 2011